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Ludicrous Plan for the 4th Slip Road at Wincheap

March 2, 2019 9:23 AM

Wincheap Slip RoadThis is the plan for the brand new 4th slip road at Wincheap and the revised park and ride. It's a bit complicated so trace the red arrows to see how it works.

It shows a shorter than standard slip road off the A2 going into a hairpin bend then magically merging with traffic going to the Park and Ride. But if you think that's dangerous keep following the red arrows. These show how traffic will get on the A28 towards Ashford and the new housing in Thanington.

Having negotiated a hairpin, cars and lorries will do a 360* turn outside the B&M superstore and negotiate shopping traffic on a retail estate. They will then effectively block the exit from Morrisons when they queue to turn right onto the A28 for Ashford.

It gets worse. If cars and lorries want to get to the new housing in Thanington - and it will be lorries as there will be businesses there as well as housing - then they do a sharp left turn at the lights on a bridge over the A2. Then they go the 'wrong' way down a slip road that will become two way. But don't worry. They'll be a set of traffic lights half way down it where they do a sharp right into the new development.

Just trace the red arrow. This is the latest in highway design. A hairpin bend, a 360 degree turn, two sharp rights and an acute left turn on a major road bridge.

Frankly I could scarcely believe it when these plans were put to the Council's Planning Committee. I was even more amazed when the Committee calmly nodded them through. I was a lone voice voting against

The Wincheap Society has flagged up how dangerous this is by serving a Breach of Duty of Care notice on the relevant authorities but the City Council, the County Council and Highways England all seem to think it's perfectly all right. Remember how Kensington and Chelsea Council thought the cladding on Grenfell Towers was perfectly all right until, tragically, it caught fire? What if a lorry overturns on the hairpin or the roundabout, or the left turn into the two way slip road?

At present a lot of people are getting worked up about the new Park and Ride. Fine. But please take a critical look at this scheme and tell me if this is safe and sensible design. If only Isombard Kingdom Brunel were around I'd have a bit more faith.

Finally, if you're a cyclist or a pedestrian - and we're all being encouraged to cycle and walk - I think there's a fair chance you could get flattened here.

Happy? I'm afraid I'm not.